Local economics and public banks that serve the community with a priority on people and planet. A city bank will be able to leverage deposits and loan money within the community.

If bankers were in effect public servants, subject to public scrutiny and acting in the explicitly declared interest of the people, every banking action would be done with the premise that it is being done for the public good. The interests and incentives of the public servant bankers would be aligned with the common good. Additionally, considering the vast profits the banks reel in, consider instead such profitability going towards a public institution in the name of the people. These profits would constitute revenue for the state- which then could reinvest into infrastructure, education and other essential public services, rather than a 3rd yacht for some Manhattanite Wall St. banker. Today, most municipalities banks with corporations well-known for their corruption. Yet, no one thus far has had enough will and vision to demand that our civic authorities in the name of the people only have the highest ethical standards for the placement of our money. We've drummed along accepting the status quo, and Wells Fargo, Chase and the like fatten their pockets all the while. With the implementation of a Public Bank, we the people will be the shareholders! This means that we the people will be who the public servants who run the bank have to answer to.