Imagine a City Public Bank revolution where every major city has its own public bank with a social and environmental charter, explicitly designed to serve the needs of the local community.

Now imagine that same city infrastructure project funded by the local public bank instead- that interest is income for the city, and that income can be used to reinvest into the city or even reduce taxes! A municipal-owned bank has the potential to move billions of dollars out of Wall Street back into Main Street. It will empower communities to control their destiny and provide tailored solutions for cities to reinvest in infrastructure, education, green energy, and other essential economic developments and public services.

CHARTER AMENDMENT B is championed by Los Angeles City Council President Herb Wesson and unanimously approved by L.A. City Council. It is supported by a broad-based coalition including labor unions, social justice organizations, environmental groups, and local community organizations.

Socially and environmentally responsible municipal public banks are endorsed by both the Los Angeles County Democratic Party, representing 2.4 million registered Democrats, and the California Democratic Party, representing 8.7 million registered Democrats.

YES! The Bank of North Dakota, the only existing publicly-owned bank in the U.S., is more profitable than Goldman Sachs, has a better credit rating than JPMorgan Chase, and was the only state not deep in red ink as a result of the 2008 financial crash. 

If you are part of an organization and would like to endorse Charter Amendment B to enable the City of Los Angeles to explore the creation of a municipal public bank, please fill out our Endorsement Form.

Public Bank LA is an entirely volunteer-run group and we need your help to create the nation's first munibank! Join the campaign and be part of history-in-the-making!

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On November 6, 2018, vote YES to rebuilding and regenerating our communities, YES to supporting local businesses, YES to protecting our environment, and YES on CHARTER AMENDMENT B!

Public Bank LA Flyer.

Yes on B Flyer Front. Yes on B Flyer Back.

Official Ballot Measure Argument in Favor of B.

Los Angeles City Council Motion to Amend the City Charter.

Public Bank LA Charter Amendment B Resource Booklet.