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Public Bank LA Resource Booklet - 2023 Edition

Los Angeles Advances on the First Municipal Public Bank in the United States

Public Bank LA Intro

Common Misconceptions about the Proposed Los Angeles Public Bank


California Public Banking Alliance Resource Booklet

The Democracy Collaborative - Constructing the Democratic Public Bank: A Governance Proposal for the Los Angeles Public Bank

Inclusive Action for the City - Public Banking in the City of Los Angeles: Utilizing Public Banks to Equitably Prioritize the Needs of Small Businesses


One-pagers on California Public Banks

FAQs and Town Hall Q&A  


Establishing the Municipal Bank of Los Angeles: A Conceptual Framework


  • Constructing the Democratic Bank of Los Angeles with The Democracy Collaborative featuring Michael Brennan, Trinity Tran, Naveen Agrawal, Thomas Hanna, Rohan Grey.

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  • The Nuts & Bolts of Opening Public Banks in California Town Hall featuring Trinity Tran, LA City Councilmember Curren Price, Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia, Assemblymember Miguel Santiago, and San Francisco, East Bay, and Central Coast elected officials.


  • Democracy At Work – Professor Richard Wolff interviews Public Bank LA Legislative Director David Jette about public vs private banking, with a focus on public banking in North Dakota.

  • The Real News Network: California Legalizes Public Banking – Governor Gavin Newsom signed a bill that lets municipalities sponsor public banks, and Los Angeles’ City Council is creating a proposal for one. David Jette of Public Bank LA says this will help cities and counties invest in affordable housing and renewable energy.

  • RT: How Public Banking is a Revolution – Lee Camp talks with Trinity Tran on grassroots movement building and effective tactics that lead to California’s historic win against powerful corporate lobbyists– from moving the public banking concept further into the political mainstream, creating a public lobbying force to combat Wall Street lobbyists to next steps for the national movement.