2018 and Our Year Ahead!

In 2018, we set the stage for the public banking revolution. Public Bank LA was launched in the summer of 2017, in the middle of movement-building for our Divest LA campaign, aimed at cutting off Wells Fargo from the City of Los Angeles’ commercial banking services. We had our target set on a permanent solution for predatory big banks: for the city to divest from Wall Street through the creation of a city-owned public bank, invested in the social and economic wellbeing of the people of Los Angeles.
A year later in July 2018, our grassroots, volunteer-run group lead the charge on the Measure B campaign in the Los Angeles midterm general election.
Within 4 months, we built the Yes on B campaign with incredible support from over 150 allied political, social justice, environmental, faith-based and community organizations, and gained the endorsements from Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, LA City Council President Herb Wesson, major unions, Our Revolution, and Congresswoman Maxine Waters. We created the narrative for a new human-centered, socially and environmentally responsible banking model, inspired Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to add public banking to the Green New Deal, and fueled the national conversation on an alternative solution to Wall Street.
Our fight against Wells Fargo was a symbolic victory, but our greater mission was to turn banking into a force for good, to not only divest from extractive big banks, but to reinvest into the community, to build affordable housing, finance public infrastructure in a cost-efficient manner, and expand banking for underserved groups.
Our work isn’t done until we create the People's Bank.
And now our third movement, the California Public Banking Alliance (CPBA) is rising. As one of the founding groups behind CPBA, we're working with activists across the state to mobilize California, the fifth largest economy in the world to take on Wall Street. 
The Bank of North Dakota (BND), the only existing public bank in the country was founded in 1919. This year will mark the BND’s 100 year anniversary. 2019 will also mark the year that public banking movements create a firestorm across the country from Los Angeles to New York!
To our supporters and allies, we thank you for your continued solidarity and dedication to this critical movement.
To our new friends, join our organizing team and help us take on the Wall Street: 
We look forward to fighting alongside you in 2019!
Public Bank LA Team
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Yes on B Defundraiser, November 2018.
Measure B Campaign Launch, First Unitarian Church. July 2018.
Yes on B Press Conference with Senator Kevin de Leon and City Council President Herb Wesson with coalition leaders from ACCE, ACT-LA, KIWA, SAJE, and LA Voice. November 2018.
On stage speaking on public banking at the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez rally in Downtown Los Angeles. August 2018.
California Public Banking Alliance Organizing Meeting in San Francisco, May 2018.
Meeting with LA City Council President Herb Wesson. August 2018.
Public Bank LA organizers with Ellen Brown at LA City Hall, June 2018.
Sign-Making Party! October 2018.
Hitting the streets for Yes on B! November 2018.
Citizens' Lobby Day at LA City Hall, June 2018.
Abby Martin and Eric Andre at the Yes on B Defundraiser! November 2018.
James Adomian AKA Bernie Sanders sings the Measure B song at the Defundraiser! November 2018.
Yes on B Street Team, November 2018.
Public Bank LA + California Public Banking Alliance Brainstorming Session, December 2018.